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Stripes and Lace on Monday

Written by , Posted in English/Spanish, Photography by Andrew Haagen


 Outfit Details:

Zara Lace Skirt

Zara Striped Crop Top available (here)

Golden Goose Sneakers “Blue Hawaii” available (here)

Saint Laurent Betty Bag

Happy Monday! I had such a wonderful weekend because I made it a priority to just be mellow and relax and spend quality time with my son. I took him to the park on Sunday, and I watched him run around all over and throw and chase the soccer ball. Those simple pleasures made him laugh and giggle all day and it made my day just to know that life is so sweet because of his smiles and there is nothing else that makes me happier. Sometimes I get caught up in my little world and forget to appreciate the simple things in life and the magical moments. (more…)